Tooth Removal / Extractions

Do you have a severe toothache that won’t go away? If you think you might need to get rid of a problem tooth, contact Tulip Tree Dental Care for a tooth removal or tooth extractions.

Dr. Nicole Hurcomb and our compassionate dental team will get you out of pain fast and help improve your oral and overall health right here at our South Bend, IN dental office! We can even provide a same-day emergency dentistry appointment if necessary – just call us at 574-208-5668.

Reasons To Have A Tooth Removed

At Tulip Tree Dental Care, we will do everything we can to repair dental damage and help you preserve your natural teeth. That said, there are many situations where a tooth removal is the best thing to do for your oral health, including:

  • A tooth that has become too infected to be saved by a root canal
  • A damaged tooth that cannot be protected with a dental crown
  • Teeth that would otherwise complicate or threaten success of orthodontic treatment

The Tooth Extraction Process

To ensure your comfort during your tooth removal, we will use a local anesthetic to numb the area before beginning. This anesthetic will allow us to gently remove the tooth without any pain or discomfort.

Thanks to our modern techniques, a tooth extraction is often a simple procedure. Depending on your situation and how many teeth you need removed, the treatment can be quick.

To make your visit more pleasant, we can also provide comfort options, including:

  • Cozy pillows
  • Warm blankets
  • TV and radio to entertain you
  • Dental sedation to help prevent pain and relieve dental anxiety

Following your extraction, we will recommend restorative dentistry treatments to replace your tooth or teeth, including:

  • Dental implants
  • Dental bridges
  • Dentures

Book Your Tooth Removal

If you think you may benefit from a tooth extraction, call Tulip Tree Dental Care at 574-208-5668. You can also schedule using our online form.

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