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You may remember your own experience wearing braces.

The brackets and wires may have felt uncomfortable on your teeth. You had to avoid some of your favorite treats. (At least, you were supposed to avoid them.)

One thing is certain, you were glad when they finally came off.

For better or worse, your kids are more likely to need orthodontic care, too, if you had braces. You would love to help them avoid needing braces — or at least reduce the time they need to wear them.

If you live in or near South Bend, IN, we could help with Ortho-Tain®. This is a preventive approach to orthodontic care that can help guide the growth and development of your child’s mouth. This can make a big difference as they get older.

Keep reading to learn more about this remarkable procedure. Better yet, plan a visit to Tulip Tree Dental Care by calling 574-208-5668.

Find & Tackle Problems Early

You’ve heard the phrase “nip it in the bud.” You know that it means that it’s better to deal with a problem early instead of letting it get worse.

In dentistry, we can often identify potential problems with teeth alignment years before someone is ready for traditional orthodontic treatment.

Ortho-Tain is a kind of dental appliance that looks similar to an athletic mouthguard. We can start this treatment with children as young as 3 years old. The appliance is used to gently guide the development of their mouths. This makes it easier for their teeth to erupt as they grow.

This has the added benefit of improving tongue posture.

By that, we mean their tongue will press against the top of the palate. This too helps to shape the way their mouths grow. This also can help improve speech issues children may have.

Another benefit is that this affects the opening for their airway. Being able to breathe easier has obvious advantages, but this also can improve the quality of your kids’ sleep and reduce their risk of ear infections.

By beginning this treatment early, your child will be less likely to need an extended orthodontic care later in life.

Set the Stage for Success

Now, we also don’t want to create unrealistic expectations. Consistent use of Ortho-Tain can be invaluable in shaping the development of your child’s mouth.

However, it’s still possible that your child will need some kind of orthodontic care. At the same time, using Ortho-Tain could be the difference between needed braces for years or needs orthodontic care for months.

And if you recall your own time wearing braces, then you’ll understand why less time in brackets and wires is better for your daughter or son.

Get Started with an Evaluation

The first step is scheduling an exam at Tulip Tree Dental Care in South Bend, IN. We’ll be happy to look at your children’s mouth to determine if Ortho-Tain could be beneficial.

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