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Dentists’ offices can seem like cold, sterile, impersonal places. That’s not the kind of atmosphere that inspires trust or encourages people to relax during their visit.

At Tulip Tree Dental, you and your family will feel at home the second you walk in. Our office is bright, comfortable, relaxed, and even colorful! And the welcome you’ll receive from our caring and concerned staff is second to none.

People always have questions when they first visit a new dentist. We’ve found that the more our patients know, the more relaxed and comfortable they are. We’re eager to answer your questions, whether they involve who you’ll be seeing, what’s involved in any procedure, or insurance questions.

Dr. Hurcomb and our staff offer true family-friendly care. A lot of dental practices promote themselves as providing “family dentistry.” Of those practices, some are great with adults and teens, but not so much with children.

Ashley: Our “Secret Weapon” with Kids.

At Tulip Tree Dental, we love kids, and we take great care to make their visits relaxed and enjoyable. We take particular care when it’s your child’s first visit to a dentist.

Ashley is one of our hygienists and she’s absolutely wonderful with children. She’s the person who your child will spend most of the first appointment with. Not only is Ashley warm and welcoming (not to mention upbeat and happy), she’s also careful to explain what she’s going to do before she does it and what kids can expect. That way, there are no unhappy surprises during the visit and kids stay calm and stress-free.

If you want your child’s first visit to the dental office to be something they want to repeat, you won’t do better than Tulip Tree Dental.

We Look After Your Comfort

We want you to be as comfortable as possible while you’re with Dr. Hurcomb or one of our dental hygienists. Many patients enjoy watching TV or listening to music during their appointments. We provide both, so you can relax or catch up on the latest news or your favorite show.

We also have warm blankets available for your comfort. If you’re slightly chilly, or your child finds having a blanket reassuring, all you need do is ask.

And we’ll be happy to answer any questions about what we’re doing, or about to do, during your appointment. That includes during your time in the dental chair.

Help for the Uncomfortable

Dental anxiety is extremely common and we have extensive experience in helping people to manage, or even forget, their anxiety.

We’ve found that the combination of our warm and relaxed atmosphere and distractions like music of television help many people to relax. And, we’ll also take the procedure at your pace if that makes helps you be more comfortable.

Some people need a little more help, and for those people we offer several levels of dental sedation.

Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is probably the most common form of dental sedation. You inhale nitrous oxide through a comfortable mask and enjoy feeling relaxed and slightly euphoric. Since you inhale the gas, you can deepen or lessen your level of sedation just by changing the speed and depth at which you breathe. That leaves you in control of your own comfort. You’ll remain conscious, but relaxed, during your appointment.

Nitrous oxide wears off very quickly once the flow of gas stops. You can expect to drive yourself home after your appointment.

For a deeper level of sedation that you won’t have to monitor, conscious oral sedation is the answer. For oral sedation, you’ll arrive at our office about an hour before your appointment. We’ll administer a pill or tablet that you simply swallow. Once the effects make themselves felt, your procedure can begin. You’ll feel deeply relaxed the entire time. In fact, the effects will linger once your appointment is done, so you must have someone available to drive you home.

Trust Tulip Tree Dental Care

Doctor Hurcomb and all our staff are completely committed to ensuring that your entire family receives the very best dental care in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. If you ask our patients, we provide exactly that. Check out our Testimonials page to hear what our patients think about their experiences and outcomes at our practice.

We’ll be happy to welcome you and yours to our family. Whatever your needs might be, call our South Bend, IN dental office at 574-208-5668 to schedule an appointment. Or, use our online scheduling application to send us a message.

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