Tips For Preventing A Spring Dental Emergency [BLOG]

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Spring is in full swing, which means you and your family are probably already busy with lots of fun activities.

You might have a few athletes in the family who spend a lot of time on the court or on the field for a spring sport, or maybe you’re preparing for your family’s spring break vacation.

Either way, you should be able to relax and enjoy the season, not dealing with a dental emergency!

Dr. Hurcomb and our team at Tulip Tree Dental Care want to make sure you don’t have to spend extra time in the dental chair, especially when there are ways to prevent them.

However, we know accidents happen regardless.

That’s why we’re spending today’s blog giving you some tips for preventing a spring dental emergency, and reminding you to count on our South Bend, IN team when you can’t!

Tips For Preventing A Spring Dental Emergency

You know that not all accidents or injuries can be prevented. But there are things you can do ahead of time to reduce your risk for a dental emergency and to be prepared should they happen at all!

*TIP – Stay Hydrated*

In many cases, a tooth that suffers damage like a crack, chip, or break does so because it’s already compromised in some way.

You won’t be able to see those microscopic weak spots on your tooth enamel that make it vulnerable to damage. Nor are you likely to see the early stages of gum disease that weaken your teeth’s structural integrity.

So first, make sure you don’t skip your spring dental cleaning and exam. Our professionals have the tools and the skills needed to remove plaque from your mouth and make sure your teeth and gums are nice and strong!

Another way to protect your teeth is to make sure you stay well-hydrated, especially during a season like this when you’re more active.

Drinking plenty of water is the best way to keep your saliva production working properly. Saliva is your body’s way of protecting your tooth enamel because it not only shields it from harmful acids, but it contains bacteria-fighting minerals to keep your entire mouth safe.

*TIP – Use An Athletic Mouthguard*

Athletes are some of the most vulnerable when it comes to dental emergencies because they’re more likely to suffer an oral injury while hard at play.

However, a custom-made athletic mouthguard from Dr. Hurcomb at Tulip Tree Dental Care can protect the athletes in your family from that fate.

Unlike mouthguards you find in sporting goods stores, a customized guard from a dentist is made especially for you so that it fits you comfortably and securely. It’s the best way to protect your teeth, gums, and lips from any blunt contact while playing your favorite sport.

*TIP – Don’t Put Off Dental Treatment*

One of the easiest ways to end up at the dentist office at an inconvenient time is to put off the restorative treatment you need.

If your recent dental cleaning and exam revealed a cavity or oral infection, you should schedule your restorative procedure right away. Here are a few reasons why:

*Cavities can get bigger and outgrow a standard filling, requiring a dental crown instead. This is not only more costly, but it’s more disruptive to your schedule.

*An oral infection is dangerous and needs to be cleaned out as soon as possible. Otherwise you risk letting the infection spread to the rest of your body, and also losing the affected tooth.

*Putting off treatment will inevitably lead to pain, if you’re not in pain already. This can quickly ruin your plans, especially if your family has a spring break trip in the works!

*Most dental problems mean that at least one of your teeth are in a weakened, compromised state. Without timely treatment, it could get worse or lead to a preventable dental emergency.

Getting your restorative dentistry needs addressed now will save you time, money, hassle, and your smile!

Call Us When You Need Help!

We know you have plenty to keep you busy this spring without having to deal with a dental emergency.

It’s the quickest way to spoil your family’s special events.

But fortunately, you don’t have to let an accident, injury, or painful tooth problem ruin your smile, oral health, or your plans!

That’s because you have Dr. Hurcomb and our team at Tulip Tree Dental Care in South Bend, IN to help you. We can guide you through those important first steps of an emergency and arrange for you to get the dental treatment you need as quickly as possible!

When you need emergency dental care, call us right away at 574-208-5668 or fill out our online form for a non-emergency appointment.


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