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When you have young children, there’s a million and one things to worry about. You want them to be healthy, to be successful in school, and to have an active social life. You nurture your child and try to provide them with the guidance they need to go far in life.

But certain things are out of your hands. Like their smile.

Your child’s teeth will develop and may eventually require orthodontic treatment to straighten. Maybe you’ve been told that braces are something to worry about later in your child’s life; a treatment they should undergo in middle school or high school.

But what if you could simply prevent the need for braces? At Tulip Tree Dental Care in South Bend, IN, we are proud to offer Ortho-Tain,® a preventative orthodontic treatment that can straighten your child’s teeth without the need for braces.

Sound impossible? It’s not. In today’s post of our dental health blog, we’re going to tell you a little more about the amazing technology behind the Ortho-Tain system. Then we’ll look at some of the incredible benefits your child can achieve with this orthodontic treatment.

Can Ortho-Tain Work for My Child?

Ortho-Tain is clear, oral appliance that your child wears during sleep. We generally recommend starting treatment with Ortho-Tain between the ages of 4 to 7. Although Ortho-Tain looks like a mouthguard, it’s much more than that. Ortho-Tain actually helps guide the development of your child’s teeth, so that they come in straight.

Ortho-Tain was invented by an orthodontist to affordably treat the smiles of children around the world. In the last few decades, more than three million people have been treated with Ortho-Tain around the world. Ortho-Tain not only works great, it works fast as well. Unlike braces which often require two years of treatment, Ortho-Tain generally only takes a few months to deliver amazing results.

Ortho-Tain Can Prevent The Need For Braces

Without Ortho-Tain, many children will eventually have to undergo orthodontic treatment with braces as they enter their tween years. Although traditional braces are certainly effective, they have more than a few drawbacks. While in braces, your child has to deal with the discomfort of wires and bands, the daily grind of not being able to eat their favorite foods, and may even miss out on certain activities due to their steady string of orthodontist appointments.

Ortho-Tain can help prevent all of that. Ortho-Tain can straighten your child’s teeth, realign misaligned teeth, and even correct issues with their bite. Because the treatment is worn only while they sleep, there’s no uncomfortable braces to worry about during the day. Plus they can continue to eat all of their favorite foods. Best of all, Ortho-Tain is significantly more affordable than traditional braces!

Ortho-Tain Benefits More Than Just Your Child’s Smile

Clinical trials and university research has shown additional benefits of pediatric orthodontic treatment with Ortho-Tain. Ortho-tain helps reduce the symptoms of sleep disordered breathing (SDB) by naturally and safely increasing the size of your children’s airway. Not only does the reduction of SDB help your child get a better night’s sleep, it may help their behavior as well.

Many of the symptoms of SDB are also symptoms of ADD/ADHD. Ortho-Tain may be able to reduce your child’s hyperactivity, restlessness, fatigue, and lack of concentration. Ortho-Tain has also been shown to reduce bedwetting incidents among children who undergo treatment.

Learn More About Ortho-Tain

Are you interested in learning more about Ortho-Tain? Then schedule an appointment at Tulip Tree Dental Care in South Bend, IN. As we are one of of the only area providers of Ortho-Tain in Michiana, patients often come from not just from South Bend, but also from Mishawaka, Granger, Niles, and Elkhart for appointments.

To schedule an appointment online, you can simply fill out this online form. Or you can simply give us a call at 574-208-5668. We can’t wait to help you and your family achieve a lifetime of beautiful smiles. And that lifetimes starts in childhood with Ortho-Tain!

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