When Gum Problems Lead To Bigger Problems

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If your gums are tender, or if you see some blood after you brush, you cannot ignore them. Gum disease is a serious problem that will not go away if you ignore it long enough. Eventually, you could even lose your teeth.

Call our South Bend, IN dental office today at 574-208-5668 and schedule an appointment for gum disease treatment. Dr. Hurcomb is trained in spotting and treating gum disease. As with many conditions, early detection is the key to saving your health and money.

What Is Gum Disease?

Your mouth is home to harmful bacteria. Don’t worry, everyone has them in their mouths. The key is whether those bacteria thrive or not.

Bacteria survive by eating tiny particles of food and drink left behind after you chew and swallow. The less you keep your teeth clean, the more these will grow. As they multiply, they secrete an acid. When this acid hits your teeth, it erodes the enamel and creates cavities.

But when the acid hits your gums, it causes gum disease. This is when your gum tissues are irritated, damaged, and finally infected by harmful bacteria. Gum disease has two distinct stages:

  • Gingivitis is the simple stage. Bacteria and their acid are irritating your gums, making them sore and easy to cut open. However, the bacteria are still only on the surface of your gums.
  • Periodontitis is the advanced stage. By this time, those bacteria have gotten below the surface and infected your gums. Those problems will get much worse.

By calling Tulip Tree Dental Care today, you can get an appointment with Dr. Hurcomb and hopefully catch gum disease while it’s still gingivitis.

How Gum Disease Leads To Bigger Problems

So your gums get a bit sore, what’s the big deal? Gum disease can lead to some big problems.

Your teeth can fall out.

As gingivitis turns into periodontitis, two new problems happen. First, your gums start to pull away from your teeth. Second, your jawbone begins to deteriorate. That means your teeth will get loose and can even fall out entirely with gum disease.

The bacteria can infect your body.

Once the bacteria get inside your gum tissues, they will enter your bloodstream and get carried all over your body. Your immune system will take care of this — most of the time. Some bacteria will get past your defenses and create infections in other parts of your body.

Your breath can always smell bad.

Halitosis (bad breath) is a common sign of gum disease. That’s because your gums start to smell when they get damaged and die off. Normally, you can pop a mint or brush your teeth to get rid of halitosis. With gum disease, that bad breath is always around.

Your gums can turn dark or even black.

Bleeding and tenderness are two big signs that you have gum disease. That’s because the disease is hurting your gum tissues. If this continues without treatment, those gums can turn dark and black. As you can guess, this is not an attractive look.

Fighting Gum Disease

Gum disease really is that bad. Here are three big tips for fighting gum disease.


Bacteria depend on food particles to survive. If you keep brushing and flossing like you are supposed to, you can deprive them of the food they need. This can keep the harmful bacteria in check.


Brushing and flossing are vital, but they can’t get rid of everything. Dental cleanings at our South Bend, IN dental office will get rid of plaque and tartar right at the gumline. Plus, dental exams can spot gingivitis so it can be treated before the bacteria infect your gum tissues.


This specialized deep cleaning treatment removes plaque, tartar, and bacteria that exist below your gumline. All three will irritate your gums and make it easier for gingivitis to turn into periodontitis.

That’s why you need to call us TODAY at 574-208-5668 or make an appointment online for gum disease treatment. Dr. Hurcomb has the training needed to help your gums stay healthy, but you can’t take advantage of her skill until you come to see us.

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