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When you don’t want to do something, you can still do it. You’re an adult, and that’s part of what growing up means — you get done what needs to get done. But things are different when you feel anxiety and dread over something. Then it can be impossible to do.

When you have dental anxiety, things can get bad quickly. You need a dental cleaning and dental exam every six months. Without both, you can easily see small cavities turn into big ones that threaten the whole tooth. You can also get bad gum disease, infected teeth and more.

By calling our South Bend, IN dental office today, you can schedule an appointment to include sedation dentistry. Dr. Hurcomb can help you feel relaxed and calm so you can finally get the dental treatments you need.

Your Options For Sedation Dentistry

At Tulip Tree Dental Care, our team is dedicated to helping your smile be as beautiful, strong, and healthy as possible. But we also worry about how you’re feeling during the process. That’s why you can get sedation dentistry to help move past your dental anxiety.

Dr. Hurcomb is trained in two sedation techniques: nitrous oxide and oral sedation. Both options are conscious sedation. That means you will be fully relaxed and comfortable while remaining awake. That helps because there are times when Dr. Hurcomb needs to speak to you during a treatment. That’s hard to do if you’re not conscious.


This is often called laughing gas. You breathe it in through a small mask you wear over your nose. As soon as you start with nitrous oxide, you will feel comfortable and relaxed. The effects wear off about as soon as you stop breathing it in, and it’s safe for adults and kids.


For a stronger solution, you can also get oral sedation. This is a pill you take before your appointment. It induces a deeper level of relaxation than nitrous oxide. That means you will need someone to take you to our South Bend, IN dental office and take you home again.

Why You Might Have Dental Anxiety

But where does dental anxiety come from? Why is sedation dentistry needed? There are probably as many reasons as there are people, but here are several of the most common.

You fear a lecture because it’s been years since your last dental visit.

You really need to visit a dentist twice each year. But it’s not too hard to let that slip away. You can miss one for a very good reason. The next one is harder to get to, and so on, until you’ve stopped going for way too many years. That means you could fear a lecture for not taking care of your teeth like you should.

Fear not. Dr. Hurcomb and our team at Tulip Tree Dental Care understands how these things can happen. You never get a lecture here — just great dental treatments and a warm, caring team.

When you were a child, a dentist’s office was a scary place.

It’s amazing how our childhood memories still impact us as adults. To a child, a dentist’s office can be too weird or unsettling. It’s full of strange people, sounds, and tools. Even if you never had more than a filling done as a child, those early memories can give you dental anxiety today.

That’s exactly where sedation dentistry comes into play. Using nitrous oxide or oral sedation can help you replace those distant memories with newer ones where you feel confident and calm.

A story about a bad dental experience has stuck with you.

Sometimes, you can have dental anxiety without ever having a problem of your own. That’s how powerful stories can be. If you read, watched, or heard a friend talk about a bad experience at a dentist’s office, that story can linger in your mind and give you some dental anxiety.

Sedation dentistry from our South Bend, IN dental office can definitely help with that. By using nitrous oxide or oral sedation to feel relaxed but conscious, you can start to build up positive experiences more power than those stories.

Call us TODAY at 574-208-5668 or make an appointment online to schedule an appointment including sedation dentistry. Dr. Hurcomb has been helping people get past dental anxiety for many years, giving her experience to match her training. With some nitrous oxide or oral sedation, you’ll be able to get the dental care you need.

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