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As the summer months inch closer, people are making sure their bodies are “beach-ready”. There’s some dieting, tanning, and shopping to find just the right summer dress or bathing suit. Just don’t forget about your smile. If your teeth are dull, damaged, or unsightly, people might have trouble getting past that. As with many dental problems, these just tend to get worse over time, not better.

That’s why you should call our South Bend, IN dental office today at 574-208-5668. Cosmetic dentistry can transform your smile now so you can impress everyone this summer. Dr. Hurcomb is expertly trained in cosmetic dentistry and knows how to brighten your smile quickly and safely.

A Great Smile Is Important For Summer

Why do you need to get your smile ready for the summer? Because this is the time for traveling, spending time with family and friends, and making great memories. If you’re packing for a vacation, would you pack clothes that were stained or torn? That’s what it’s like when you have teeth that are stained, chipped, or crooked.

Here are some specific cases where you want your smile looking its best.

  • Class reunions: 10-year, 20-year, and more often pop up during the summer. Wouldn’t it be nice to show up with a smile so great that people can’t help but want to talk to you?
  • Family gatherings: Families have reunions too, never mind all the holiday barbecues and picnics. Don’t you want to hit that 4th of July party with a winning smile?
  • Vacations: Summer is a great time to travel with your family and friends to explore new places. How do you want your smile to look in all those pics and videos?

By calling Tulip Tree Dental Care today at 574-208-5668, you can schedule an appointment for cosmetic dentistry that will turn a dull, unsightly smile into one that dazzles people and makes you feel confident.

Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

Here are some of the treatments available at Tulip Tree Dental Care that can get your smile ready for summer.


If you want a fast but dramatic change for your teeth, it’s hard to beat dental veneers. These are shell-like covers for the front of your teeth. Although they’re very thin, they cover up both stains and damaged spots. Dental veneers even add a layer of protection so chips and cracks do not get worse.

Dr. Hurcomb can even make your dental veneers big enough along the edges to cover small gaps between your teeth. That’s why veneers are often called “instant orthodontics.”


All that coffee and wine you drank over the years has probably dulled your bright smile. For some, their teeth are dark and brownish, especially if they used tobacco. Teeth whitening kits in stores are often confusing and weak.

Instead, call our South Bend, IN dental office today for professional-strength KöR teeth whitening. This system can truly brighten your smile so it looks amazing all summer long.


It can be hard to feel confident when your teeth have damage and stains on them. You start to wonder what other people might think when they see those. Thankfully, you can feel much better about your smile with tooth bonding.

In this cosmetic dentistry treatment, Dr. Hurcomb will artfully layer a tooth-colored resin over your teeth. It’s thick enough to fill in cracks or chips as well as hide unsightly stains.


Not only is this cosmetic dentistry treatment fast, it’s reversible. Snap-On Smile is a set of covers for your teeth that literally snap into place over your natural teeth. While this really isn’t a long-term solution, it can be just what you need to look great for that class reunion of family trip.


Some of these treatments (like dental veneers and tooth bonding) help with more than one problem at the same time. But if you need a little more help in getting your smile to look great, you need a smile makeover. This is a plan to use dental treatments in the right order until your smile is how you want it to be.

Call us TODAY at 574-208-5668 or make an appointment online to schedule cosmetic dentistry now before summer really begins. Looking back at those summer pics, videos, and memories, you’ll be glad you did.

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