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It’s really strange how little people know and understand about tooth decay. Especially considering how common cavities and fillings are, it makes awareness and preventing and treating tooth decay all the more valuable.

Today, Dr. Hurcomb and our team at Tulip Tree Dental are here to arm you with the facts!

The Domino Effect Of Tooth Decay

You’ve been warned about sugar and its effect on your teeth probably since you were a kid. But now that you’re an adult, you can understand why that’s the case.

The sugar itself it’s the dilemma your teeth face. It’s what already lies in wait inside your mouth that’s the real culprit.

The bad bacteria in your mouth feeds on the bits of food and debris that your meals leave behind. When sugar is present, the bacteria will gorge itself and then create acids as a result. It’s the acids that are so harmful to your teeth and gums because they eat away at all those structures and weaken them.

So you see, tooth decay is really brought on by the domino effect that sugar in your mouth sets off.

The Facts About Preventing Tooth Decay

You can’t always prevent tooth decay, but you can definitely decrease the chances that it will take hold in your mouth!

*Limit Sugary Foods & Drinks*

Sugar is the favorite power source for bad bacteria. If you don’t give the bacteria what it wants and needs, you’re better able to avoid tooth decay in the first place.

*Stay Commitment To Good Oral Hygiene*

The only way bacteria can thrive in your mouth is with a food source. That’s what your own meals and drinks leave behind. You need to clean your mouth of those particles so keep harmful bacteria from spreading.

*Get Dental Checkups Twice A Year*

Too often, people assume that they only really need to go to the dentist if there’s a problem. But that’s not true.

You can brush and floss everyday, but you can’t remove plaque and tartar on your own. You need a hygienist with the tools and training to do it for you so your teeth are safe from harmful bacteria.

The Facts About Treating A Decayed Tooth

Here are facts about cavities and how to treat them at Tulip Tree Dental Care!

*News Flash! Cavities Get Worse Without Treatment*

One of the biggest misconceptions about cavities is that you know it when you have one. But that’s not always the case.

Your tooth enamel doesn’t contain any nerve endings, so at the early stages of decay, you won’t know you have a cavity. Only a dentist can detect it.

If you don’t visit the dentist regularly, that cavity can and will grow. It’s not the sort of thing that just sits still and waits patiently for you to address it, another common misconception! It worsens, getting bigger and deeper.

*Root Canals That Treat Deeper Decay*

A cavity is a hole in your tooth, perfect for letting bacteria work deeper into your tooth down the nerves and pulp.

You will probably know once this has happened because it’s often painful for patients, but not always.

That’s why regular exams are so important!

But if bacteria is deep enough, we have to rely on root canal treatment to prevent the spread of infection and save the tooth. Once the area is disinfected, we use a strong, natural-looking dental crown to cover the tooth and prevent infection in the future.

*Dental Crowns That Do The Job Of A Filling*

If we can catch tooth decay early enough, the solution is simple. A standard dental filling will do the trick to preserve your tooth and keep your mouth healthy.

But that only works if you have enough enamel that hasn’t been affected by the decay. Once a cavity ravages too much of your tooth, that’s when we turn to a dental crown.

We create a custom crown that will be placed over the tooth and keep it safe from further decay. Our crowns look perfectly natural and will work just like a real tooth.

*Dental Fillings That Blend In With Your Smile*

Not everyone wants to worry about a dark silver filling stealing attention from the rest of your smile. That’s why we offer tooth-colored fillings so that your dental work will blend seamlessly with your other teeth and keep your smile looking great!

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To avoid having to get the treatments we’ve just listed, you should try to prevent the dental problems that require them in the first place.

That means practicing daily diligence with brushing and flossing, eating a healthy, balanced diet, and visiting Dr. Hurcomb at Tulip Tree Dental Care twice a year.

We are on your team and will help remove plaque and tartar buildup and catch any tooth decay early so that a standard filling can do the job to preserve your healthy, beautiful smile!

Contact Tulip Tree Dental Care in South Bend, IN to schedule a cleaning and exam by calling 574-208-5668 or by filling out our online form.


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