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If you are experiencing significant pain in one of your teeth, you should do something about it as soon as possible. Don’t avoid the dentist if tooth decay has eaten through your enamel and infected the inside of your tooth – call Tulip Tree Dental Care at 574-208-5668 to book a consultation for a gentle root canal procedure today.

When you visit our South Bend, IN dentist office, our friendly team is going to do everything that we possibly can to make your overall experience as patient-centered and compassionate as we can. We believe in empowering our patients and helping them feel more in control when it comes to their oral health and dental service options.

One of the ways we do this is by clearly explaining any restorative dentistry treatments you may require. We have found that, in most cases, you will be able to relax more fully if you know what to expect and what is happening during a given dental procedure.

To help take some stress out of the equation when it comes to finances and scheduling, we accept a variety of payment options and also stay late until 7:00 p.m. on Tuesdays.

Learn About Root Canals So You Can Conquer Fears

We’ve all seen those scenes in movies and television shows when a patient endures a scary root canal. The cliche of the demented dentist is so widespread that everyone, no matter the age, can give an example. Whether you’re a kid that watches The Fairly OddParents or an adult that sang along with numbers from The Little Shop of Horrors, you know the character well.

Most of the time when Hollywood trots out the demented dentist, the character takes sadistic pleasure in providing one specific dental treatment – the root canal. But as is so often the case, Hollywood stereotypes simply don’t hold up to the real thing.

Contrary to what you might have heard, root canals are no more uncomfortable than a simple tooth filling thanks to advances in dental techniques and instruments. In fact, because root canals completely remove the soft tissue and nerves (pulp) from inside a tooth, you will no longer be able to feel any pain in that tooth ever again!

A root canal is a restorative dentistry treatment that solves the problem of an infected tooth. If you develop a cavity in a tooth and it is left untreated, the tooth decay will eventually get through your enamel and start affecting your tooth pulp. Once the pulp is infected, the best way to save the tooth and avoid an extraction is to remove the pulp using a root canal.

We will carefully review your particular situation when you have a dental problem. We can also explain what we will be doing using accessible language when you require restorative treatments or any other dental procedure.

The basics of a root canal are actually quite simple to understand. If we determine you need a root canal, we will:

  • Thoroughly plan your procedure down to the smallest detail using state-of-the-art dental technology, like our digital X-ray machine
  • Numb your tooth and the surrounding area with an anesthetic so you won’t feel pain during the procedure
  • Make a small hole in your tooth and remove the infected pulp using special dental instruments
  • Fill the space where your pulp was and close the hole in your tooth with an inert material, so further problems don’t arise

In some cases, we may recommend placing a dental crown over a tooth that has had a root canal to provide extra strength and protection. If we do this for you, we can also color-match your dental crown to the rest of your teeth so it will look beautiful and also blend in with the rest of your pearly whites. No one will know you’ve had dental work done!

We also provide a variety of amenities to increase your level of comfort when you visit Tulip Tree Dental Care, including:

  • Soft pillows so you can lean back and relax
  • Warm blankets so you can get cozy
  • Televisions and options for listening to music so you can entertain and distract yourself

If all that doesn’t put you at ease and you want some extra help relieving dental anxiety, we also offer two dental sedation options:

  • Nitrous oxide
  • Oral conscious sedation in pill form

Get rid of the infection in your tooth with a gentle root canal from Tulip Tree Dental Care. Call 574-208-5668 or use our online form to book or ask questions today.

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