When Dental Extractions Save Your Healthy Smile

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Normally, a problem with one of your teeth is handled with restorative dentistry. For example, a cavity is filled or covered by a dental crown. An infected tooth is treated with a root canal. These correct the problems and save the teeth.

However, there are times when a tooth cannot be saved — keeping it in your mouth will just give you more pain and problems. That’s when you need to call our South Bend, IN dental office at 574-208-5668 and make a new appointment. Dr. Hurcomb is both well trained and very experienced. She knows how to save teeth and when a tooth removal is the last, best hope for your smile.

Why Ignoring A Bad Tooth Can Make You Suffer

The idea of having a tooth removed is not typically a good, happy one. That’s why some people can choose to ignore a problem tooth and hope whatever’s wrong will fix itself eventually. Not surprisingly, that almost never works.

  • A weak and brittle tooth can break apart in your mouth, exposing the nerve endings inside.
  • A toothache can grow stronger and more painful.
  • The bone tissue in your jaw can deteriorate around that problem tooth.
  • An infection inside the tooth can start to spread throughout your body.

By making an appointment with our South Bend dentist today, you can get a dental exam to see if anything else can be done to save the tooth. Dr. Hurcomb is well trained and experienced, so she knows when a root canal or dental crown can be used. But if a dental extraction is needed, she also has the training and experience to do that safely.

Cases When A Tooth Removal Is Needed

When is it too late to save a tooth? Here are several reasons when a tooth extraction might be necessary.

Gum disease is making a tooth fall out, so you need to control when and how it comes out.

Gum disease is when harmful bacteria (that normally cause cavities) live on your gums. This causes irritation and damage, eventually leading to a bacterial infection inside the gum tissues. When this happens, your gums start to pull away from your teeth. Plus, the bone tissue in your jaw begins to weaken.

This means you can start to lose your teeth. If gum disease is not caught in time, it can make sense to remove the loose tooth rather than let is fall out on its own time. This is often safer and can prevent a tooth breaking.

An infection inside your tooth made it too brittle to safely remain.

That bacteria behind cavities and gum disease can get inside a tooth. This often happens if the tooth is cracked or a cavity grows too deep. Either way, you end up with an infection in the dental pulp. This begins to starve your teeth, causing the enamel to grow brittle.

A root canal can remove the infection — but if it’s not done soon enough, your tooth may have grown brittle anyway. At that point, a dental extraction really is the only choice left to prevent that tooth from breaking apart while still in your jaw.

A wisdom tooth is coming in wrong and creating dental health problems.

Your wisdom teeth come through your gums much later than the rest of your teeth. That’s why they’re called “wisdom” teeth. But coming in this late is a big problem. First, wisdom teeth tend to come in partially underneath the molars, causing all kinds of problems. But many never fully come in, remaining impacted and increasing your risk of cavities back there.

That’s why most people have to have their wisdom teeth removed at some point. Getting a tooth extraction can save you a lot of pain and trouble.

You have too many teeth and an overcrowded smile.

In a perfect world, all your baby teeth will be replaced by your adult teeth. But how often is life perfect? Many people find themselves with baby teeth that stubbornly refused to fall out. Others can have too many adult teeth show up by some quirk of their DNA. Either way, you end up with an overcrowded smile that can increase your chances of cavities and TMJ problems.

In these cases, there really is no other treatment than a dental extraction. By gently removing the extra teeth, you can get a smile with the right, healthy number of teeth.

Call us TODAY at 574-208-5668 or make an appointment online to schedule a dental exam with our South Bend dentist. Dr. Hurcomb can help determine if a tooth can be saved or if you need a dental extraction.

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