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Your teeth go through a lot. They tear and crush your food every day. Then there are sports injuries, accidents, and stains from dark foods. That’s why many adults wind up with dark and damaged teeth even if they started out with a near-perfect smile.

By calling our South Bend, IN dental office today at 574-208-5668, you can make your initial appointment for a full-mouth reconstruction. This can restore your smile to how it should be. Dr. Hurcomb is well trained in restorative dentistry, so she can help repair your teeth.

A Strategic Plan For Your Smile

If you just have one problem, you can get one solution. For example, you can get a tooth-colored filling for a cavity or root canal therapy for a painful, infected tooth. But if you have more than one problem, you should run into getting treatments randomly. You need a plan.

That’s what a full-mouth reconstruction is. It’s a strategic and comprehensive plan to use restorative dentistry treatments until your smile is how it should be: strong, healthy, and beautiful.

At Tulip Tree Dental Care, your full-mouth reconstruction will start by discussing what you want for your smile with Dr. Hurcomb. Then you’ll receive a thorough dental exam, including digital X-rays. This gives Dr. Hurcomb the data needed to know what problems need to be addressed. Finally, the two of you will discuss the restorative dentistry treatments available to give you the smile you want.

Call us today and schedule your initial consultation for a full-mouth reconstruction to get one step closer to a restored smile.

What Your Full-Mouth Reconstruction Can Include

Which treatments in particular that will make up your full-mouth reconstruction depends on your particular problems. There is no set list or plan; it’s always customized to address your needs in particular. That said, here are some common treatments used to restore your teeth.


Your smile can collect more than just damage; it eventually collects stains. Anything dark you eat or drink leaves behind a tiny amount on your enamel. As the years pass by, more and more build up until the whole tooth starts to look brownish and dark.

There’s one amazing treatment that helps with both damage and stains: dental veneers. They’re shell-like covers placed on the front of your teeth. When Dr. Hurcomb places the, your dental veneers will hide those stains. And if you have damage on the front of your teeth, veneers will seal them up.


When your teeth have damage like chips or cracks, you have two problems. First, they make your smile look worse. Second, they can grow over time. What starts out as a small, hairline crack can grow long and wide enough to threaten your whole tooth.

Dr. Hurcomb has the skill needed to place dental crowns over these teeth. These caps are colored and shaped to look like healthy, natural teeth. Once placed, they cover such damage so it won’t get any worse. It also adds a layer of protection to these teeth.


A lost tooth really stands out in your smile. That dark gap is not something you want to show people, but there are health problems as well. Your other teeth tend to slide towards that gap, and food can collect there, increasing your risk of cavities and gum disease.

That’s when you need a dental bridge. This non-surgical treatment holds a natural-looking replacement tooth firmly in that space. Dr. Hurcomb is trained and experienced in two kinds of dental bridges: fixed bridges (which use dental crowns to hold onto the replacement) and implant-supported bridges (which use a dental implant instead).


Cavities are probably the most common problem Americans have with their teeth. That’s because everyone has harmful bacteria in their mouths that create cavities. At Tulip Tree Dental Care, you can skip the metal fillings and get modern tooth-colored ones instead. Our tooth-colored fillings repair cavities just as well as metal fillings, but they look much better in your smile.

Call us TODAY at 574-208-5668 or to restore your whole smile with full-mouth reconstructions. Making a plan to correct your dental problems only makes sense. This way, you can be sure to get the right treatments in the right order.

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