Back-to-School Dental Treatments for Kids [blog]

How Ortho-Tain Appliances Can Help Your Child

Our South Bend, IN dentist starts to prepare for one thing this time of year: back to school! It’s a busy time for parents and kids as the summer wraps up and school planning starts. There’s a lot to do, from shopping for supplies, groceries for lunches, new clothes, and sports gear for the athletes in your family. Among all the forms to sign and teacher-parent meetings, don’t forget back-to-school dental treatments for kids!

Make sure their smile looks great for the new school year, or get your child started off on treatment that will make them confident in their smile for years to come. Dr. Hurcomb and her team are here to help. Call our South Bend, IN dentist office at 574-208-5668 today.

Give Their Teeth That All-Over Clean With Dental Checkups

Aside from consistent home care, the foundation of any great smile starts with dental cleanings and exams. That’s true for kids, too. Chances are, if your kids start early at the dentist, they will care for their smile better and continue visiting into adulthood.

Because younger kids are learning to care for their teeth, they can use professional help making sure all the nooks and crannies get cleaned out at our office. When we clean and polish their teeth, kids often can’t help smiling when they look in the mirror afterward.

These checkups do more than just keep their teeth clean. They give us the chance to halt any problems before they start. We use digital X-rays to see details of their teeth, jawbone, and other structures. We can find the start of cavities and help stop them with fluoride treatments and sealants. We can also talk to you about nutritional changes that can reduce the risk of tooth decay, as well as oral hygiene tips to help your kids from needing extensive dental work.

No Need to Announce Your Kids’ Tooth Fillings

Kids get cavities, plain and simple. Even if they brush, floss, and visit us, it happens. About ⅔ of kids 19 and under have had cavities in their permanent teeth, and about half of children 11 and under have them in their baby teeth.

Don’t blame yourself if we tell you your kid needs a filling. Tulip Tree Dental Care only uses discreet fillings that don’t have to announce that your kid has had dental work done. If we catch decay, we can repair the tooth with a tooth-colored filling. It will match your child’s smile — with no metal showing!

Straighten Their Smiles With Orthodontics in One Convenient Location

Dr. Hurcomb has received extensive training in different types of orthodontics for children and adults. In most cases, you don’t need to see an orthodontist for their care. Take them to the dentist they’re already familiar with — and who’s familiar with them.

For kids, we offer:

Ortho-Tain® Orthodontics

This preventive orthodontics treatment means your young child can start addressing bite issues before they become a bigger problem. With this small appliance, we can guide their teeth into their proper places and their jaw growth as well. Often, children who complete this treatment can reduce their time in braces later and experience fewer complications too. Help your child get a head start on relieving embarrassment over their smile.


Lots of teens love this removable, clear orthodontics option. They don’t have to worry about food getting stuck in their teeth. They can eat whatever their friends are eating. They don’t have to deal with special tools to clean wires and brackets. They don’t have to worry about metal scratching inside their mouths. And older teens who didn’t get braces when they were younger don’t have to feel like everyone is staring at their mouth. Teens also love metal-free smiles for selfies! And parents appreciate that Invisalign is around the same cost as braces, plus it’s affordable with our financing options.


Older teens especially love this quick braces option. It’s great for correcting mild alignment problems. By this time next year, they’ll have their braces off. In fact, they could have their braces off before the new year starts! Many cases take just 120 days, which means treatment is more affordable than regular braces.

Don’t Forget Mom & Dad!

We don’t provide care just for kids. While you’re improving their smiles, don’t neglect your own! That’s often the case for busy parents. You can benefit from adult orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry too. We offer many treatments that maximize your time and your wallet.

For excellent dental treatment for kids, visit our South Bend, IN dentist office. Call 574-208-5668 today to have your kids visit Dr. Hurcomb for any of their needs. You can use our online form, too. We’ll make sure they’re proud of their smiles and that you feel confident they’re getting the best care possible.

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