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Give your children the gift of a straight set of teeth in the future by doing something to improve their alignment as their adult teeth come in! If you’d like to do your part to ensure your children’s teeth come in as straight and healthy in terms of alignment as possible, call Tulip Tree Dental Care at 574-208-5668 to book a consultation for a custom Ortho-Tain treatment with us!

At our South Bend, IN dentist office, we offer some preventive treatments that help you and your loved ones avoid dental problems from occurring in the first place.

Instead of fixing something that’s damaged, you’ll be able to help your child avoid the issue of crooked teeth entirely with our assistance! If you know anything about traditional orthodontic options, you’ll realize this will save you a whole lot of time and money in the long run!

Over 3 million kids have used Ortho-Tain to help their adult teeth emerge properly, including the children of our very own Dr. Nicole Hurcomb. That’s right – Dr. Hurcomb is so confident in the efficacy of Ortho-Tain as a preventive orthodontic treatment, that she has prescribed it for the littlest smiles in her family.

So you can bring your kids in for dental care before school, we open early at 8:00 a.m. three days a week. We also keep our office open late until 7:00 p.m. on Tuesdays. Thanks to these flexible hours, you won’t have to screw up your family’s busy schedules to fit in necessary dental appointments.

We accept a variety of payment options for your convenience. We even create custom payment plans with patients through our in-house financing options.

Learn About Ortho-Tain Straightening Teeth And So Much More

Ortho-Tain isn’t just a preventive cosmetic dentistry treatment. Sure, this custom-made oral appliance that looks a lot like an athletic mouthguard does help ensure that your kid will grow into a beautiful set of straight teeth, but the benefits are not limited to improving your child’s future smile and overall appearance.

As mentioned above, Ortho-Tain can help you save time and money in the future. But when we mentioned that above, we were mainly referring to the savings that parents will benefit from.

But in addition to saving parents and guardians some time, Ortho-Tain can actually produce some results faster than with traditional orthodontic options because Ortho-Tain works while your child’s dental structure is still changing and growing. In some cases, issues that would take two years or more to resolve for a teenage smile can be achieved in as little as six months!

Also, a lot of the time there is no need for a retainer following Ortho-Tain because the preventive orthodontic treatment helps your child’s teeth to emerge in the proper location, held firmly in place by a properly developed jaw development and ideally aligned teeth.

According to some clinical trials, Ortho-Tain even helped many children develop greater strength in their tongues, which helped in developing healthier swallowing behaviors. (If you don’t think you use your tongue that much when it comes to swallowing, try eating a big spoonful of peanut butter without using your tongue.)

Ortho-Tain can also help open up the airway and allow your child to breathe comfortably through their nose. And because your child will be able to breathe better through both their mouth and their nose, they’ll be able to sleep better no matter which one they breathe through while catching some Z’s.

This additional benefit of improved breathing during sleep, in turn, has many implications. For example, if your child deals with some form of sleep-disordered breathing, Ortho-Tain can often help vanquish side effects of their sleep disorder!

Some other results that parents or guardians have shared with us include their children:

  • Finally conquering their problems with wetting the bed
  • Improving school performance
  • Getting relief from a variety of symptoms that may have been misdiagnosed as indicators of ADHD and other attention disorders

If you want to help your kids avoid alignment issues with their future smile, Ortho-Tain may be a great option for your children! To learn more about the various benefits this preventive orthodontic treatment can have for your kids, visit the kid-friendly and highly trained team at Tulip Tree Dental Care. We have comfort options to improve your kid’s experience.

Help your little ones avoid crooked teeth and help solve many other problems with Ortho-Tain from Tulip Tree Dental Care. Call 574-208-5668, visit our South Bend, IN dentist office in person, or use our handy online form.

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