4 Ways We Can Help You Conquer Dental Phobias in Michiana

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Phobias can come in all shapes and sizes. Clowns. Spiders. Snakes.

But one thing we never want you to be afraid of is a visit to Tulip Tree Dental Care in South Bend, IN. At our comfortable and modern office, we pride ourselves on the numerous ways we’ve helped our patients overcome their dental phobias. So in today’s post of our dental health blog, we want to share four of the best ways we can help you overcome your dental phobia. Let’s get started!

#1. We’ll Make Sure You Never Feel Alone

Having dental phobias or fears is nothing to be embarrassed about. The truth is we’ve treated countless patients who had some fear of the dentist. Our staff is fully trained to help you feel calm and relaxed throughout your dental treatment.

We’re happy to sit down with you and answer any questions you may have about your treatment. We’ll never lecture you about your oral health, even if it’s been many years since you last visited the dentist. All we care about is helping you have a smile that’s healthy and beautiful.

#2. We Can Help You Overcome Dental Jitters with Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Most patients have some fear of a dentist appointment. Often times this is a fear of discomfort or a simple fear of the unknown. But that fear can often be overcome quickly and painlessly with nitrous oxide sedation. This is a great option to simply help you relax during your treatment.

Nitrous oxide sedation, also known as laughing gas, has been used for decades and is completely safe. The World Health Organization has even cited it as one of the most important tools in all of dentistry. You simply breathe in a comfortable mix of nitrous oxide and oxygen during your treatment and instantly feel at ease. But the best part of nitrous oxide sedation is that it’s gentle and wears off quickly. That means we can even use it on children and you can drive yourself home after undergoing nitrous oxide sedation.

#3. We Offer Oral Conscious Sedation For More Intense Dental Phobias

Sometimes nitrous oxide sedation is simply not enough to overcome your dental phobias. We certainly understand that at Tulip Tree Dental Care in South Bend, IN. So we also offer another, stronger form of dental sedation called oral conscious sedation.

With oral sedation we simple prescribe you a medication in pill form to take before your treatment. Your medication will help you feel completely relaxed and you may not even remember your dentist appointment. This is a great option for longer treatments or more intense dental phobias. Although oral sedation is completely safe, the sedative effects do not wear off immediately, so you’ll need to have someone drive you home after your dental treatment.

#4. We’ll Make You Feel at Home

Sedation dentistry and our friendly staff aren’t the only ways we can help you conquer your dental phobias. We also offer a range of comfort amenities so you can forget the fact that you’re even in a dentist appointment. Our ultimate goal is for you to feel as comfortable at our South Bend, IN, office as you do in your own home.

Sometimes you just need a warm blanket to use during your treatment and we’re happy to provide them! Sometimes you just need to feel a little distracted during your dental treatment, so we’re happy to arrange for you to listen to music during treatment or even watch TV! Whatever comfort items you need, we’ll do our best to provide.

Make An Appointment

It’s important not to let your dental phobia cost you your smile. So make an appointment at Tulip Tree Dental Care in South Bend, IN, and we can help you conquer your dental phobia and restore the health and beauty of your teeth! To make an appointment call our office at 574-208-5668. You can also reach us by using this online form.

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